Applied Biological Laboratories

Investment in Series C Preferred Equity

Offering Summary

  1. Biopharma company-SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn and Johnson and Johnson Labs NYC.
  2. Committed to the research, development and distribution of natural bioactive molecules for common respiratory illnesses.
  3. A seasoned team of scientists and business leadership.
  4. Applied Biological Laboratories collaborate with some of the leading global academic institutions and world-renowned scientists in cold and flu (Columbia, UCLA, Yale, NYU, Mount Sinai), with special funding from the CDC and NIH—recipient of SBIR

Applied Offering Summary:

Securities Offered: Convertible Preferred Stock.

Price per Preferred share: $50

Conversion Price: $50 per share

Liquidation Preference: Senior to Common Stock.

Voting Rights: Pari Pasu to underlying common Stock.

Subscription Agreement: Applied Biological Subscription Agreement

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Offering Description

Applied Biological Laboratories
Regulation Type
Regulation D 506(c)
Financing Type
Security Sold
Convertible Preferred Equity
Funding Goal
Investor Requirement
Accredited Investor Only
Min. Investment

Invest Now (RegD offering - for accredited investors)
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Last updated: 01-25-2023
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