ERC Communities

Investment in Class B Participating Preferred Equity

Offering Summary

  1. ERC Communities (“ERC” or the “Company”) is a real estatedeveloper and owner-operator of Build-For-Rent (“BFR”) SingleFamily Manufactured Home Rental Communities (“MHR”)–Targeting high-growth markets in Florida and the southeast.
  2. ERC’s MHR strategy centers around the sourcing and development of land, all horizontal construction, and theprocurement and installation of manufactured homes inplanned communities.
  3. Market dynamics have created a unique and compelling opportunity to grow the ERC build-for-rent platform.
  4. ERC’s MHR platform offers families substantial rent savings for similar sized individual homes, offering an attractive and achievable home alternative within the SFR market.
  • $50 million Participating Preferred Stock offering at $10.00 per share.
  • 2,000 share / $20,000 investment minimum.
  • 10% paid-in-cash annual dividend, paid at 2½% per quarter. Company has a 2½ year history of consistent dividend payments.
  • 20% share of all gains made pro-rated across the full offering amount.
  • Sponsor is approved for federal agency long-term mortgage financing that leverages investor capital.
  • Initial development plan on land in place totals $38 million.

Investment Information:

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Investment Information

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Offering Description

ERC Communities
Regulation Type
Regulation D 506(c)
Financing Type
Security Sold
Participating Preferred Equity
Funding Goal
Investor Requirement
Accredited Investor Only
Min. Investment

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Last updated: 01-25-2023
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