Virtuoso Surgical

Investment in Series A Participating Preferred

Offering Summary

Virtuoso Surgical, Inc. was born out of a collaborative research effort at Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center among co-founders Robert Webster, Duke Herrell, and Richard Hendrick.

In April 2016, they founded Virtuoso Surgical to bring the benefits of robotic technology to endoscopic systems for surgeons and patients worldwide.

Virtuoso has been funded by grants from the U.S. National Institute of Health and the State of Tennessee. In addition, Virtuoso has been funded by the issuance of Class A Preferred Shares to private investors. The company is currently raising additional capital through a continuing public offering of preferred shares.


  • 7% paid-in-kind dividend

Success Bonus

  • Upon a change of control, shares are redeemed with a bonus multiple of:
    • 100% after 1 year
    • 200% after 3 years
    • 300% after 5 years

Virtuoso is an endoscopic surgical system that delivers two robotically controlled, needle-sized manipulators that work from the tip of a rigid endoscope.

This system replaces straight tools in almost any rigid endoscopic procedure and enables the surgeon to grasp, manipulate, and cut tissue with a dexterity unparalleled in rigid endoscopy today.

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Offering Description

Virtuoso Surgical, Inc.
Regulation Type
Regulation A+
Financing Type
Security Sold
Participating Preferred Equity
Funding Goal
Investor Requirement
Accredited/Non-Accredited Investor
Min. Investment

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