World Tree

Investment in 2021 ECO Tree Series A Units

Offering Summary

Through this Reg D offering, World Tree intends to plant, manage, and harvest the Empress Splendor tree. For every $32,000/20,000 Series A 2021 Eco-Tree Units purchased, World Tree will plant 10 acres of Empress Splendor trees. It is estimated that Investors will receive timber net profit distributions in 8-12 years if trees reach maturity, are successfully harvested, and if the timber is sold for profit. Profits are shared with farmers, investors, and World Tree. World Tree is in the process of establishing a carbon verification program providing investors the potential to receive a dividend from carbon sequestration monetization (carbon offset) starting in year 3 through harvest.

Empress Splendor (ES) lumber is a light, strong hardwood that is known as the “aluminum of lumber”. Its fast growth rate, carbon sequestration, soil enhancing and regenerative properties make it an ideal eco-timber. Empress Splendor timber is a blonde lumber with a long straight grain, which air dries quickly with low shrinkage and does not easily warp, crack or deform. ES timber is used in many applications, including: indoor & outdoor furniture, musical instruments, marine products, board sports, veneer applications & finished wood products for architectural uses.

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Offering Description

World Tree USA. LLC
Regulation Type
Regulation D 506(c)
Financing Type
Security Sold
Revenue Participation Units
Funding Goal
Investor Requirement
Accredited Investor Only
Min. Investment

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Last updated: 01-25-2023
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